Is Baptism A Requirement For Salvation?

Baptism, Jordan River

Be baptized. (See Acts 2:38,39)

Being baptized means being immersed in water. Typically, a person would stand in water, be lowered into the water (by another Christian), and then be brought back up out of the water. The significance of this act can be seen in Romans 6:1-7 and an example of it in Acts 8:26-39.

Some people do not think that baptism is part of accepting YAHUSHUA. However, one thing is clear in the Bible. Belief and baptism are always together, never separated. Therefore, it is obvious that baptism is part of accepting YAHUSHUA. We encourage you to search out baptismís "why" in the Bible. Any true Christian may baptize you.

To be baptized by water is one way. YAHUSHUA said, "John baptized by water but YAHUSHUA baptizes with FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT!" After you get the baptism by water, then SEEK the infilling of the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT! This is where the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT come in! However, do not believe that IF you do not have the gifts or speak in other tongues, that you will not go to Heaven! Another false doctrine! If this were so, then YAHUVEH would plainly say that everyone that does not speak in other tongues would NOT be saved! Again, IF this were true, it would NOT have been necessary for YAHUSHUA to give his life and blood at Calvary! Only the Blood of YAHUSHUA washes away sins to those that receive that GIFT in FAITH!

Some churches teach that IF a person is not baptized, even a young child, then that person will NOT go to Heaven! If this were true, why would it be necessary for YAHUSHUA to be sacrificed at Calvary? Baptism is a outward sign that we follow YAHUSHUA! Young children cannot understand this fully, so they should NOT be baptized until they understand the price one must pay to follow YAHUSHUA. Babies should be dedicated, NOT baptized, for they must be old enough to make their own decisions.

So, rather than looking at baptism as something one MUST do, besides accepting YAHUSHUA as their Lord and Savior, in order to be should WANT to do this, to allow the infilling of the Holy Spirit and to show everyone that they identify with the death and resurrection of their Savior, YAHUSHUA Ha Mashiach!

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