Kitten on an Old Country Road Dream

In All Blogs by Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu / March 10, 2016

grab robe

After YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS) appeared to me early morning February 27th, 2016 during Shabbat and after the midnight hour, this is the dream I had.

It is not common for YAHUSHUA to come to us in this way, and I say this even as an apostle. This is not an everyday thing.

But I went from grabbing YAHUSHUA’S garment, telling him “I won’t let go,” directly into this dream. It was as if this dream was YAHUSHUA’S response to holding his robe that way. I want to understand more what it means. Please share your discernment in the comments below!

Dream begins.

I was the mother of many children. I had taken in many children. I hadn’t given birth to these children, but I was still their mom. I was taking a walk with a little boy, about 5 years old.


We were walking down a country road and it was beautiful. There wasn’t a car or anything like that around. It was just a country road in a remote area.


Then I saw a mason jar, like the kind that you would can vegetables in but something white was stuffed into that jar. It was at the side of the road in the long grass, tipped over on it’s side. I thought, “Wow, that looks like a bunch of white fur that is just stuck inside that jar,” and I was just walking right past it wondering what it was, and the little boy had my hand.

jar lid

I noticed the gold lid.

And then I saw something—I saw it move. I went over to the jar and I looked—and whatever it was, was alive in that jar. And I was so afraid to open that jar, but I did. I opened the gold lid of that jar and there was a little white kitten that somebody had stuffed into a jar—a little, tiny, little kitten. You know how little it must be to get into a mason jar—just jamed into that jar!

empty mason jar

And when I opened that jar, using both hands, I thought, “Oh it’s going to die. How do I get this out?” I turned it upside down and I shook it out. That is the only way I can describe it. And I was praying that that little kitten would live.

It was solid white. And then I was so relieved because the kitten started standing up. And I knew that I had a miracle. I said to myself, “I’m going to take this little kitten home.”

white kitten

Now the strange thing is that when I looked up—I tried to tell the little boy what I was looking at—what was happening. I thought the little boy was watching all this time, but he wasn’t there.

I was going to tell him “We are going to take this little kitten home!” Instead when I finally saw that he wasn’t there, or wondered where he was—the little kitten, it just ran away.

And I knew it was going to go back to the place where it was abused, the owner who jammed it into the jar because that was the only thing that little kitten knew, to return back to the owner. And I was very sad.

I went home and it wasn’t a fancy house or anything, just a country cottage house to tend to the many young children.



The floor was a mess. Inside my house, my kids—I had a bunch of little kids like I said—they had been eating. I was hungry and it looked like french fries on the floor here and there.


As I took a broom scooping it all up, I said, “No matter how hungry I am, I’m not going to eat that because they are on the floor!”

That was my dream.


I know when the kitten dream started was after I was holding on tight to YAHUSHUA’S robe. When I did that, is when the dream started! As if the dream was a response.

End of Dream.

YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH (Hebrew for HOLY SPIRIT) often have more than one meaning in a dream. Please share your thoughts, prayers and comments below!

The little children come to AmightyWind and I pastor them, they consider me a blessing, thank me for leading them to YAHUSHUA, teaching them, nurturing them as a “Momma R.m.” as they call me, but some after getting on their feet, they return to the abuser again.

I know have been used to rescue many kittens that would be suffocated or starved. But sometimes when delivered they return to their former lives because abuse is all they were familiar with. Usually it is by their own choice, especially when I speak of adults—but literal children, it is sometimes by no choice of their own.

The little boy and the kitten in the dream were one and the same—both disappeared at the same time. Please share with me what you discern about this.

Initially I didn’t get discernment of the food on the floor. Although I was hungry, I had to take the time to clean up the mess the kids made when eating. Praise YAHUSHUA someone pointed the meaning out to me. I swept up the mess and now I understand I am used to do that, to help my spiritual children when they have make a mess. It is not because they are bad, but because they are children, still learning and growing and I understand that.

This is what was shared with me:


  • French fries are junk food – so can mean doing junky things
  • Sometimes when you are ministering to one person, sometimes problems arise from others during the time you had been preoccupied. You were not angry with the children.
  • You do your best to minister to everyone, but you are only one woman so we need to understand this and pray for you to have more help, especially ministering to those who are young in faith, even those who are more mature, but still they are like your spiritual children and YAH will raise up more helpers.
  • We must also accept it when you are not able to help us directly and YAH sends us other AmightyWind ministers—and remember that you and YAH love us all!
  • French fries may also relate to the French ministry and YAH’S preparations for greater outreach to the French speaking world.


Beloved ones, I truly treasure each child of YAHUSHUA I am told to mentor and nurture. It is a honor greater than just giving birth to a child! I love you very, very, very much. I want all my spiritual children to know that none of you are being neglected even though I cannot reach out to each person individually at all times. Each one of you striving to please YAH, you have the attention of all of Heaven!

All of you are loved so dearly, more than words can convey! The love we have is YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & the PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH’ tri cord that is not easily broken (Eccl 4:12)!

The enemies hate me because they know the love we have for each other is a spiritual bonding, and it is stronger than an umbilical cord! Remember when I am used to deliver any personal Word from YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA to you, and especially if it is aWord of Rebuke, it hurts me, more than it hurts your flesh!

Many times I feel like I am used as Heaven’s Boot Camp instructor! I want to quickly add how grateful I am that you realize it is not words of my flesh. I truly pray always you will recognize the voice of YAH even though my vocal cords are being used!


YAHUSHUA is showing me the reason I continue to live on this earth is for HIS Glory and for all of your good! YAHUSHUA gave me the dream , after I grabbed a hold of his robe! HE reminded me, I am a spiritual mom of many children that I didn’t give birth too but love and nurture, mentor them all.

There is still work to be done! Enemies, listen up! YAH isn’t finished with me yet. There are Prophesies, revelations not yet released, Books to be released, other languages and people groups to reach! Many others who are trapped and suffocating from abusers—satan is the worse abuser of all! Everyone needs deliverance from his hand!

Not all the white kittens will run back to the abuser! I praise YAHUSHUA for all who allow me and those in this ministry to help them get free! We are the hands and Mouth of YAHUSHUA to help set the captives free for the PRAISE HONOR AND GLORY OF YAHUSHUA!



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    10 months ago

    Not much to say but I want to say thanks for this dream and message.

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    10 months ago

    Shalom again :) I just took a minute to sit down before prayer and thought about the dream again. The french fries and etc on the floor could represent crumbs. In the Prophecies we are called to not be satisfied with the crumbs of YAHs Blessings, Deliverance, and Provision. We are called to seek out the most that YAH has to offer or the “full loaf”. Here everyone, or all the children had already eaten and in the process let food fall on the floor, not even the best food for nourishment but fast food (easy to feed young children, as I speak from experience, but not the most nourishing) As Mom Rm cleans up she sees that though she is hungry she will not settle for less but more. For the whole sustaining loaf of YAHs true nourishment instead of crumbs of fast food doctrines.

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    10 months ago

    Shabbat Shalom! I was thinking about the golden lid keeping the kitten inside. I wonder if the lid was really fools gold/false doctrines used by the abuser to justify what was done to the kitten/young one. Because the lid kept the kitten inside. When a person grows up in a state of constant abuse the one being abused does not always know or realize they are being abused. Or living in fe/ar. Even though the person who put the kitten in the jar was no where to be found, the kitten was still stuck in the jar, in need of deliverance from the false doctrines slowly suffocating it. Deliverance from false doctrines and abuse sometimes requires someone to help the abused realize the truth but not everyone comes out of such a situation ready to be truly delivered. Perhaps this has ready been discerned, but I thought I would share anyway. I just speak from experience, Thank you Beloved Mom Rm for all you do for YAHs Glory. The Holy Prophecies have helped me to see the truth and to grow and to produce fruit for YAH. Thank YOU so much ABBA YAH for sharing YOUR words with YOUR Rm!

  4. Custom avatar
    10 months ago

    I praise YAH that HE visited you! That’s so super awesome! Praise YAH! I’m so happy! ?? ?? ?? Here is what I discern about the dream you had: YAH was symbolically reminding us that HE blesses abundantly those who hold tight to the hem of HIS Garment, and that the blessings you have (symbolized by the green nature and abundance of children who all love you) are given to you because you have been so faithful to HIM the whole time, never letting go of HIS Garments (spiritually) I also discern that the french fries on the floor represent the crumbs of this world. You refuse to take the crumbs of this world, no matter how much the devil and his demons may try to tempt you with it. The only thing you accept is the Bread of Life from Heaven. This also reminds me of how I’ve been heavily tempted lately with videogames I used to play. Although they were indeed entertaining, I refuse to ever play that garbage ever again, no matter how much the devil tempts me with it and reminds me how entertaining they were. I’d rather go without this type of crumbs of this world and endure the absence of it (represented by hunger in the dream) for a certain number of years, cuz I know that YAHUSHUA has something much better in store for me in Heaven (symbolically called the Bread of Life) – something I will enjoy much more than the videogames and that will last forever rather than just a few years here on earth. I also discern about the little kitten that it may also represent those who are under mind control by the satanists. I’ve read about that stuff and there are different categories of mind-control for different purposes, and one of them is called “kitten programming”. This is about programming people (especially females) into being sex-slaves, prostitutes, porn stars or just promiscuous celebrities (I believe that the majority of the celebrities on Mason TV (MTV) are under mind control, cuz their music videos are full of messages related to the procedures and experiences associated with m1nd-c0ntr0I, for example cages full of humans, or the singers saying they are “going crazy and can’t take it anymore” and females dressing as cats more than any other animal while promoting lust more than any normal person would, and so on. Their music videos are soaked all the way with this kind of messages and all of the artists over there put the same messages in their videos as if they are all under one leader who tells them what to do (the devil).). Another reason to why I’m considering this interpretation is because the jar is called “mason jar”. Perhaps the gold lid symbolizes rich & famous people that we will reach?

  5. Custom avatar
    10 months ago

    Thank you Mom RM for you have a great honor to be spiritually birthing so many children with a bond that is stronger than a physical bond. Very few people have that honor from HEAVEN. We love you and keep up the Holy work for the KINGDOM OF YAH. YAH bless you and everyone in Amightywind Ministry.

  6. Custom avatar
    10 months ago

    I wanted to share a thought I had when you mentioned that you were very hungry in your dream, yet you were caring for the children and cleaning up their mess. I want to thank you for your unselfish devotion to all your adopted children. You do indeed put our needs above your own. As a mother myself, I know exactly what it’s like to do the best I can yet be overwhelmed by caring for your children and hope somebody will come along side you and help with the chores. Also, It is wise to take time to care for yourself so that you be strong for the mothering that needs to be done. I pray that YAH will raise up more people to help you minister to others in YAHUSHUA’s name so that you can be nourished too. I pray that YAHUSHUA will grant us to be able to get together sometime soon and have a talk. I love you, Mom RM! Sis R

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