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In All Blogs, Heavenly Manna by Stephen / October 28, 2016

“WE are the ONE that gives you the Living Water to drink.” (Prophecy 109:23, I, YAHUVEH, Say, Thank You For Your Faithfulness!)

        BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH*, please pour forth THY Living Water upon my heart. As desert land that is parched and cracked, so is my soul. Revive THOU mine heart and quench my thirst in whole. The east wind hath vehemently blistered my skin. The sands in the storm hath raked upon my back. I am nearly sore broken in this the place of dragons. Be THOU my Strong Shelter and Brace against this land of affliction. Help me to endure and not murmur, complain, or grumble. I look to THEE, mine HELPER, for THOU art the ROCK of my Salvation.

In THEE I shall not be moved! Nay, by reason of this strange veil I shall not be cast down. THOU art with me and hath beset me about on all sides with holy warring angels. THOU hast shone THINE Light from above and granted me Right Direction. To the Promise Land will I make it, should I refrain from insurrection. With THY Grace will I continually be girt about, should I receive of THY Hand of correction. Yea, by YAHUSHUA* my GOOD SHEPHERD will I be given Power Resurrection!

THOU hast both heard and answered the noise of THY servant. THOU hast heard my cry in the dry and weary land. THOU hast not brought me this far to fail me now. Nay, THOU wilt not let THY NAME be profaned. THOU wilt not allow me to fall, that THY Throne be not blasphemed by the heathen. I give THEE the GLORY for leading me forth out of egypt! I give THEE the GLORY for parting the Red Sea!! I bow before THY Throne and thank YOU for, over pharaoh and his hosts, gaining the VICTORY!!! From Heaven hast THOU rained down manna! THOU hast prepared me a table in the wilderness!

The wicked delight in riotous living, but I join not myself to their company. They give and are given in strange marriage, and this hast THOU made me see clearly. In holy feasts do they commit abominations, MOCKING THY CHARITY! Yet there is a consequence for their sin and deplorable revelry! THOU art ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH and not to be taken lightly! THOU wilt trample them in THY Fury and give them over unto insanity! Wisdom hath fled from them by reason of their blasphemy! Rejected hast THOU them, for they THY SPIRIT hath grieved extremely.

They have committed the unpardonable by YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD trampling. By their abuse of THY Grace, hath they crucified to themselves HIM afresh like as at Calvary. Far be it from me that I should covenant myself with their heresy! I refuse to partake in their table of harlotry! Away from me thou iniquitous ones, you who transgress by idolatry! Away from me ye who commit whoredoms under every green tree! Thou art not ashamed at thy lewdness, but discoverest thyself to every one that doth pass thee by. The Wrath of Heaven doth on thee abide! Thou wilt not escape the terror of the MOST HIGH! Soon HE shall act, for the Coming of HIS SON is most nigh!

“All MY people, follow not after these wicked ones. Put not thy hand to their strange inventions and neither commit their whoredoms. Put far away from you all lying signs, wonders, and vanity. Look not on the wine when it is red and doth sparkle. Partake not of their cup, for it is the blood of thy brethren in reality. Partake of MY Cup and receive ye the remission of thy sins. Partake ye of MY Meat and receive ye the healing of thy body. Do this in remembrance of ME, for I am alive and not dead! Do this without sin but instead with sincerity. Hide not in thy heart any form of iniquity. I desire to be, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, one with thee in all purity.” [YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH]

YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, let THY Word flow forth from Zion unto my cleansing. THOU art unto me the FIRM FOUNDATION and not a block stumbling. THOU art to me the CHIEF CORNERSTONE and not a vain covering. THOU hast revealed what my flesh hath concealed. THOU hast circumcised my heart and granted me right revelation. THOU art my ROCK and Song of Deliverance! By THY Anointing dost THOU take me to a higher elevation! By THY Power dost THOU cause me to overcome all aggravation! Let it be that I forever cling tightly to the Hem of THY Garment! Not by my power, might, or strength, but by THY SPIRIT shall I overcome all these things! With holy fear and unfeigned trembling do I walk the Narrow Path. May it never be that I shun YOU my HOLY and HIGHLY ESTEEMED KING! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Stephen – Youth Minister

Today’s reviving verse was originally for March 9, 2010.

*“YAHUVEH” is the Hebrew NAME of GOD and the shortened form is “YAH” such as in Hallelu YAH, which literally means “you-all, praise YAH!” And “YAHUSHUA” (Hebrew name of “JESUS”) literally means “YAH saves” (GOD saves) or “YAH’S Saving-cry,” the NAME we call out when we need salvation, or deliverance from evil.

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  1. Custom avatar
    Ruth Schreiber
    2 months ago

    Thank YOU dear YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH for the true heavenly Manna, full of Light

    1. Custom avatar Author
      2 months ago


  2. Custom avatar
    2 months ago

    I receive this amazing Daily Manna from Heaven in YAHUSHUA’S NAME! This is full of YAH’S Conviction and I thank you for sharing this so that we may all better know how to please YAH in a greater way. This Manna is so great it should be served in a 5-star restaurant. If a restaurant out there doesn’t wanna serve this Daily Manna from Heaven, then it doesn’t deserve 5 stars

    1. Custom avatar Author
      2 months ago

      GLORIOUS is YAH’S NAME!!! HE convicts us of our sins through the HOLY SPIRIT in order to draw us to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. I am glad it blessed you beloved brother lol

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