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This day, more years ago than I’d rather count, I saw YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS) just as the apostles of old did!

I am also called an apostle, sent to take the gospel to the Ends of the Earth—first to the Jew and then the Gentile for it is the power of Salvation for those who believe! The praise is not mine. All praise, honor and glory to YAHUSHUA!

I have had visitations from the LORD YAHUSHUA on several occasions. Twice I have seen HIM appear to me. This was the second and most recent although it’s already been many years: on December 24/25, 1987 YAHUSHUA, WHO I called JESUS CHRIST came before me in a face-to-face encounter.

I am Jewish by birth, but I was not raised in an observant, or any kind of religious, household. In those days, I only knew this as the Christmas season, which I no longer recognize as the birth of YAHUSHUA since learning the truth about Christmas. But in these many years, I have learned to celebrate Sukkot & Hanukkah instead—to shun pagan ways, and return to my Jewish roots, to YAHUSHUA’S ways.

I am grateful it did not offend HIM that I was celebrating Christmas and believed it was the time of the year that was HIS birth. I am grateful HE still came to me, even though I had never heard of HIS Hebrew Name. We are only held accountable for what we have been taught. Of course times are changing and knowledge is increasing.

Tonight, the full moon of December will shine brightly in our skies and it happens to fall on Christmas day. YAH is the ONE, WHO created the moon and the cycles. I do not want to just think of the negative or certain occult practices, just because evil people decide to use the moon for evil, for occultism.

In fact the Biblical calendar holidays are counted by the sighting of the new moon! And Passover, Sukkot & Purim, three Biblical festivals full of JOY, come at the time of the full moon! [LINK COMING…]

I believe in faith that ABBA YAHUVEH is also giving us this rare moon of the darkest time of year, as a sign blessings to come—to HIS Children who worship and strive to obey HIM. YAHUSHUA will protect us from the workers of iniquity!

Do not just dwell on the negative of what the evil powers will try to send, but rejoice YAH created the moon and it’s cycles. I am expecting miracles during this time of this rare moon! It is also the first full moon after Asarah B’Tevet, when we did our last congregational fast.

Only during this past Hanukkah (2015), did YAHUSHUA speak to my spirit to check the dates of Hanukkah 1987, and I am absolutely delighted! On the rabbinical calendar, the first day of Hanukkah was December 15th/16th. However according to the crescent new moon, this would have begun December 16th/17th.

That means when HE actually came to me eight days later, it was near the end of Hanukkah 1987, December 24th!

I could feel IMMAYAH’S, the RUACH HA KODESH’ (Hebrew for HOLY SPIRIT) leap of joy when I read that, and as YAHUSHUA now tells me, “I came to you on Hanukkah.” I am still rejoicing with this new knowledge because I had my own face to face with the ETERNAL MENORAH LIGHT, our YAHUSHUA!

It was my 1st Hanukkah miracle! It was combined with a healing miracle. And I didn’t even know the word “Hanukkah” at the time! I remember I went to sleep depressed and worried because of death and health concerns and the mockery of my X husband and mother-in law, now being tortured and burning in hell! (Her name was Mary Gomez and the judgement that befell her, I will tell another time! It is a warning to all enemies and one in particular.)

When YAHUSHUA visited me and awoke me, and HE sat on the edge of the cushioned leather rail of the bed. And when my abusive, now ex, was taking apart the bed years later, there was a huge mark as though it was burned by a fire. It was brown on the side of my bed where YAHUSHUA sat! I saw it. My ex also saw it also.

Now I think to myself, “Something so Holy….why didn’t I take a picture of it?” LOL!

This testimony not only applies to Hanukkah, but this was a traumatic time and it’s my life testimony, which hasn’t been updated in many years. So much has happened since that time, but it has been prophesied by others that there would be a auto biography of my life and that will eventually come to pass.

Although the Hanukkah anniversary has past, today is the anniversary on the secular calendar, December 24th 2015 and this is a time high in suicide and depression. “Now is the time to share this,” YAHUSHUA is saying, “It will increase others’ faith.”

I also want my faith increased, so lately I have praying for HIM to come to me in this way again, to allow me this honor once again! I ask of all you who stand in agreement with AmightyWind Ministries, please stand in agreement with this prayer for me. If it is HIS will, HE will. If not, I still say, “YOUR will be done ABBA YAH & YAHUSHUA, not mine!”

I had no idea why I was led to write all of this now, but now I do…

Usually I am so private, and this visitation from YAHUSHUA is very sacred experience for me. I haven’t even posted this on the website before and it was only recently published in a book, Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH). This excerpt is the third of three visitations included there, in “YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH Appears to Me (& Attempts on My Life)”.

Eyes with Ocean Waves of Love

On December 24, 1987, ten days after my son Daniel was born, I was visited again and saw YAHUSHUA! HE sat on the edge of my bed. After Daniel was born, miracle after miracle occurred in our lives.

I had been having health problems to where I would have black out spells. When Daniel was 9 days old I drove to the store which was only a few blocks away. My twin sons, who were 5 years old, went with me. It was the first time I had been out of the house since coming home from the hospital. I really needed to get away because my evil ex-husband’s mother was visiting and helping care for Daniel. When she would visit it was like having two enemies at my throat. Nothing I could do was right and all they did was mock GOD and what I believed.

As I was going to the store, a strange thing happened. Instead of going a few blocks away, I ended up 50 miles away in a ghetto of Gary, Indiana. How I got there I do not know. It seemed I had blacked out and the next thing I knew was I was seeing African Americans and I realized I was not in our hometown anymore. To this day, I do not have a clue how I got there! My twin sons did not know either. Only YAHUSHUA knows what happened that day.

Was I drugged by my mother-in-law or by my then husband, now ex? Did the occult that he and his mother were involved in have anything to do with this? All I know is I called and asked him to come and get us because I had blacked out and had no memory of how I got there. I would never have driven there and I did not even know how to get there! I feared downtown Gary, Indiana.

My ex came and got me. Of course all I heard on the ride back was that I was, “not fit to be a mother—you had better go to the doctor because you must have a brain tumor, you will die if you do not…” The lies of satan were long and lengthy. In truth, I was fearful for my mental health. I feared driving anywhere anymore, especially with my children.

I called the doctor right away and he said he wanted me to go to the hospital immediately and have a CAT scan done on my brain. This would involve having my body injected with dye and an I.V. to see if I had a brain tumor. I told him, “No, I will not allow that, you know my fear of needles. I will just wait for JESUS (whom I now call YAHUSHUA) to heal me.”

When my ex found out that I refused to obey the doctor, he and my mother-in-law mocked me, cursed me and said, “The babies would be better off anyway without a mother like you! You will die!”

I said, “I will not die! JESUS (YAHUSHUA) will heal me because HE did not give me these babies only to kill me!”

My ex cursed me and said, “JESUS won’t heal you! You will die!” His evil mother agreed. That night I prayed over Daniel and my twin sons, and I asked YAHUSHUA to allow me to live, to continue being a mother, because it was the only joy I had in life. I asked YAHUSHUA to heal me and fix whatever needed fixing in my body. I kissed all three of my sons.

We had a king sized water bed with leather rails on it. I was sleeping on my side of the bed, as far away from my ex as I could get. I fell asleep praying.

I was awakened with someone staring at me with such love as I had never felt before. I had to wake up to see who was in the room, whose love was so strong for me that it awakened me! I knew it was not love from my ex. Who was it? I opened my eyes and there, sitting on the rail of my waterbed, was my LORD & SAVIOR, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, WHOM I called JESUS CHRIST at the time.

HE was radiant, glowing! HE looked like the pictures I had seen of HIM. HIS hair barely touched HIS shoulder and there was so much light all around HIS head it made HIS hair appear light in color! HIS eyes were filled with so much light and love it was like ocean waves washing over me. HIS eyes appeared to be a shade of blue. I cannot say what color HE was wearing because the light was so bright all around HIM. HE sat very close to me on the rail of the waterbed.

YAHUSHUA never opened HIS mouth when HE spoke to me. Instead HE spoke to my mind somehow telepathically. I could hear HIM clearly. HIS exact words were, “I have come to heal you. I am so sorry you have had to suffer like this.”

Then I told HIM, “If everyone in the world would stand back to back around the world and tell me that JESUS (the one I now call YAHUSHUA) doesn’t love me, I would know they are lying!” I have seen HIS love for me. I have felt HIS love. Not only for me but for everyone that puts HIM first in their life and love and does their best to obey HIM.

The next thing I knew HE disappeared and I fell back asleep. When I awoke I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was healed. No more black out spells and YAHUSHUA HIMSELF had healed me with a physician house call that is greater than any doctor on Earth! HE is the LORD GOD that healed me! By YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S stripes I am healed and was healed!

When I told my twins the next day, even at the age of 5, they believed me when I said, “Mommy is healed and JESUS came and sat on my bed and healed me.” I called my doctor and told him I was healed and JESUS did it. My evil ex mocked me and I am not sure my doctor believed me. Yet, this I know, I never had black out spells again.

I also had proof. Where YAHUSHUA had sat on the rail of the bed, there was a big burn mark shaped like three flames of fire joined together. It was undisputed proof to me that the LORD YAHUSHUA had been physically present and sat on my bed. I even showed the burn mark to my ex and he admitted he had no explanation for it. I find it ironic how many times in that waterbed he had tried to kill me—from injecting me with needles while I slept, to attempting to strangle me and it was here, on that waterbed, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, had come to visit me and heal me on that night of December 24, 1987.



  1. Custom avatar
    4 weeks ago

    Great powerful, story!!!

  2. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Elisabeth, I agree with you in prayer that you will see YAHUSHUA once again. And when you do, please write to tell us how he looks like! I know there are paintings of him but which painting really resembles him? Thank you so much for your testimony!

  3. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Beloved mom Elisabeth thank you so much for sharing this. Wow! What an absolute awesome and wonderful experience to see YAHUSHUA face to face!!! I can also testify of many miracles and healings YAHUSHUA has done for me! I stand in complete agreement with your prayer… If it is ABBA YAHUVEH’S Will May our Beloved YAHUSHUA visit you again, May you feel and see YAHUSHUA’S Love for you!!! In the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, Amen! Much love in YAHUSHUA!

  4. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    I pray in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACHs Mighty and Delivering Name, that if its YAHs Will for you dear Momma Rm to be visited in such a way again that nothing will stand in the way of such a blessed visitation. YAH hears your prayers and sees your love for HIM manifested. May YAHUVEHs Perfect Will be accomplished in HIS awesome timing, in YAHUSHUAs Name may it even be so!

  5. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing, I’m glad you are away from this ex and abusive environment. An amazing story that you shared.

  6. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    I rejoice with you for having seen our Lord and Savior YAHOSHUA ha MASHIACH personally. I’ve been longing to see Him, too, even in a dream or in a vision so I can thank Him with all my heart and soul for all the wonderful deeds he has done to me and my family and to all of us His living creatures. Hope to see Him someday in Heaven. May more blessing, care and protection be bestowed upon us, His people and beloveds this coming year 2016.

  7. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Praise ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and The Precious RUACH HA KODESH!!! I pray YAHUSHUA will come visit you again very soon Mom Elisabeth, and i believe the more people will pray about it the sooner YAHUSHUA will come.

  8. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Thank you ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and MOMMA IMMAYAH. This testimony has healed me in all ways.

  9. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Praise YAH Precious Mom.Thanks for sharing this.I do stand in agreement with your prayer,for AMW MINISTRIES that your faith increases and that as YAH wills, you will be given the honour once again to be visited by our Beloved YAHUSHUA in this manner.I ask this in YAHUSHUA’S NAME

  10. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Amen,i agree in prayer with you to see Yahushua again.

  11. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Thanks dearest Mom Rm for sharing this testimony with us. Your testimony is a constant reminder to me that YAHUSHUA never abandons HIS own & how glad I am that HE saved you that we may now call you our Mom Rm & Pastor. Praise YAH, YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH!!! <3

  12. Custom avatar
    Goran Abiyah
    1 year ago

    Oh wow!!! Hallelu YAH! Thank you beloved Momma for sharing all you did, led by Precious RUACH HA KODESH to do so! Thank you for pointing out in wisdom there are also positive sides of this day! Even more so if you expect a Miracle during this time! May YAHUSHUA honor you with another Visitation, according to YAH’S perfect WIll and Timing! I stand in agreement with your prayers, surely! May you lack no good thing from Heaven, ever! We love you! :)

  13. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    Thank you beloved Mom for sharing this beautiful moment that you had with YAHUSHUA. I pray that you will be able to see YAHUSHUA’s face again very soon in YAHUSHUA’s name.

  14. Custom avatar
    1 year ago

    praise YAH beloved Mommy! ?? This is so awesome and I pray that YAH will bless you in YAHUSHUA’S name, Amen!

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