Which Spelling is Correct, YAHSHUA or YAHUSHUA?

This is an answer to a question from a brother in Australia and it was given to us during communion as YAHSHUA spoke through me after praying for the answer in Holy Tongues.

This word is so urgent. We love our Family of YAHSHUA and although people have written and asked the correct way to do communion and Tina another partner is so excited when she did her first communion for she always thought you had to be in a group of people, now we can all have a daily deeper Spiritual intimacy of communion with our YAHUSHUA Messiah. Others have asked which is the correct spelling YAHSHUA, or YAHUSHUA? Both are correct!

For instance, I was suprised when I heard back in Prophecy 77 in the gift of the Holy Tongues interpretation I pronounced HIS name YAHSHUA one time and the rest of the times it was pronouced YAHUSHUA. I wondered why this happened for I never called our Messiah YAHUSHUA before that time. I had seen and read where other Messianic Jews were doing this but I taught the correct way to spell HIS Name was YAHSHUA. Since there was a dream given to this ministry of our MESSIAH returning on the white horse coming from the sky and in the dream there was a voice shouting "YAHUSHUA IS COMING! YAHUSHUA IS COMING!" Even after I heard the dream I still felt led to spell our Messiah's name YAHSHUA.

I recently had a dream that I have yet posted but shall very soon. The warning in the dream was that the anti-christ will come and say he is Jesus Christ. Remember he won't come denying Christ he will come saying he is Jesus Christ! So many people will be decieved. The devil mocks the name of JESUS not YAHSHUA!

The devil hates the name of YAHSHUA or YAHUSHUA for in Hebrew the name literally means "YAH SAVES". This is a constant reminder to satan that John 3:16 the GOD of Creation whose name is YAHUVEH (YAHVEH or YAHWEH is another spelling) is even in the name of our YAHSHUA MESSIAH! Now for those reading this that thought our Creator's name is JEHOVAH that is the Greek name and we are still talking about the same Daddy GOD who is the FATHER of YAHSHUA MESSIAH and all of us who accept the Holy Blood sacrifice that YAHSHUA paid at Calvary where he died and arose on the 3rd day! There is no way to the Creator except through the saving blood of YAHSHUA!

I get letters from Muslems saying they also believe in YAHSHUA but what they don't understand is that is not enough to get them into Heaven, they must accept YAHSHUA as their Savior and part of the Holy Trinity and realize that only by the shedding of HIS HOLY sinless blood is there forgiveness of sins. Buddha, Mohammad, Allah, there is no other name in all of creation that can save us from hell except YAHSHUA also called JESUS CHRIST. If I would tell you anything different then I also would be doomed to hell! I would rather offend with the truth than with a lie that will cost you your souls!

When you hear me on the live Radio broadcast with Rich keltner on 2/12/05 you will hear the way I pronouce our YAHSHUA ha MASHIACH's Name. This is not meant to bring division nor confusion. The questions written to us asking about the proper way to do communion are also answered in newest Communion message and another new secret for the Bride of YAHSHUA.

We want to thank our Family in YAHSHUA for your loving encouragement and support. It is as though we are being embraced in our Messiah's love through each of your emails and if we could we would like to embrace each one of you back around this world. We love and appreciate you so much!

It seems I had done wrong in not keeping you updated as to what we have been doing ministering and living on the road. People wrote and said they had no idea we have these struggles and appreciate letting them know so they can be blessed and help us.

I pray that those of you who consider this Ministry a blessing to you will call in to the live radio program. At times YAHSHUA will give personal prophecies through me so if you're in need of answers please give me a call and I will pray with you on the air. I have been asked to speak for 3 hours instead of two hours. I do not know the topic yet for it will be under the anointing that I am speaking. Who knows what YAHSHUA will speak forth and prophesy.

I regret that I have been unable to speak on the phone to our Brothers and Sisters in YAHSHUA around the world who have written and given me their phone numbers. Now is your chance to call in and ask your questions or just say Hi. I would love to hear from our Sister in S. Africa, and Holland, and India, and Brothers in Hong Kong, a brother in Peru whose name is David who is in the process of translating the prophecies. Please we need Brothers and Sisters fluent in other languages to come forth and translate the messages given to me, or this entire Website into your language. Just because I am born in America and live in America doesn't mean these Prophetic messages are not meant for ALL around this world. I have been called to be a Prophet to all Nations! Please help us! We have a translator program and have tried others but the way they translate is not good. It would be an honor to have the prophecies translated into Hebrew! If you know anyone reading this who speaks fluent Hebrew and who Worships and serves our YAHSHUA please send them my email at

[email protected]

Much love your Sister in YAHSHUA,


Both ways are right my child. There will be those that eat the bread first and then drink of the wine but I have given you secrets reserved for the Bride and the Bride must examine herself even more critically to make sure her garment is not stained with any kind of sin. Even the sin of ommision to know what is right and to not do it, even in a thought, for she is held more accountable. So tell the people, depending on their walk with me, they will know which one is right. You continue doing it the way I have taught you, everyone has a different degree of intimacy with ME, they can either work on the intimacy and seek out the secrets to become more intimate with ME or they can just stick with the basics. My Bride desires a greater intimacy with each and every communion that we come together as one.

As a Holy Marriage desire to be intimate and find more ways to communicate that intimacy, why would I do anything less with MY Bride? Some will tell you that it is wrong, that any bread will not do, that it must be unleavened for ME to honor it but I see your hearts, I see what you have at hand. Some will tell you that it must be done with wine, others will say it must be done with juice. DO NOT be caught up with these arguments for they only bring division and strife. I lay it upon your hearts, in fact Elisabeth I already told you long ago, I gave you a dream and it is symbolized in the name, that is the Elderberry wine for are you not the elders. So even when you just use the grape juice I tell you now to step it up. This is not for everyone, they are to ask ME. You have not been able to find the unleavened bread (We ran out of unleavened bread and have not been able to find it in this small town were in) but you have searched, but I will tell you were to search and you will have that unleavened bread, but I have honored that which you have had at hand, at times it has been a cracker.

There is one thing I will say, that is why I grieved your heart and told you not to do the communion wafer way for I am not processed and that stands for the BREAD OF LIFE, that stands for MY BODY, I am not mass produced. So tell the people DO NOT use what is called the communion wafer, that which tastes like plastic. It pleases ME and HONORS ME for I have used you as MY mouthpiece to let the people of the world know, those that truly seek after ME, truly love ME and desire to obey and honor ME in all ways, that I desire communion with them each and everyday. How often do they need to be healed? How often do they need to be delivered? How often do they need to be blessed? How often do they need to be forgiven? How often do they need to be reminded of the price I paid? Is this not everyday? This draws you closer to ME, this increases the anointing.

This is why Elisabeth I have not had you share the secrets for the Bride before the world. I only told you communion and look at what arises. I gave you a dream and a warning and although it was a sister that attacked in that dream, the spirit of division came upon a brother who ripped and tore and does not even know the reason why but I use it for MY good so you have answers to questions, so you can give it to those that know that I speak forth from you the words of truth.



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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5